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  • 95% of new beauty product launches fail in their first year.

  • 93% of women look for efficacy claims before purchasing a beauty product.

  • 86% of women make beauty buying decisions while standing at the beauty counter.


...but you're still in need of product efficacy claims, before and after photography, and rave testimonials and product reviews for sell in and sell through, it's time to call The Benchmarking Company to conduct a Market-Ready Beauty Product Testing Group.


The Benchmarking Company's Beauty Product Testing Groups are conducted with a proven methodology that ensures complete integrity during the entire product testing process. From highly segmented target consumer recruitment and the creation of 5-star self-assessment claims (allowing you to tower over your competition), to survey fielding to capturing mind-blowing consumer testimonials—we get the crucial consumer data points your brand must have to win in today's crowded market. Plus, as an added bonus, TBC real-time tracks all self-perception and clinical claims that are leading the beauty market today so we know what is being said, who is saying it, and how the consumer is reacting to it. With this intelligence, we craft a winning claims strategy for your product or offering that turns her from merely a browser into a lifetime loyal buyer.


Some of the best-in-class before and after photography we've shot.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say a picture is worth $1 million in-market, or more. See why compelling, inspiring and believable before & after photos are so important to consumers, and to the success of your brand.

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Just a few of the amazing testimonials and product reviews we've captured.

Diana T.
GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

"I am completely blown away with the results...I look fantastic! I see the huge difference this mud mask has done to my face. While using this product, my face looks and feels so soft, illuminated and more youthful looking. My laugh lines look less visible and my crow’s feet look as if they've been filled. My forehead also appears to have less winkles and lines."

Leah W.
Murad Resurgence Collection

"I rarely get excited about a skincare regimen, but the Murad Resurgence Collection has me thrilled. I get excited to wash and care for my face because I feel so much better about my skin and I know that things will improve even more with time. I feel much more positive about taking the time for ME to care for my skin and health!"

Melissa D.
Resvology Age-Corrective Wrinkle Treatment

"I was first surprised at the speedy results; my skin looked better-- brighter and healthier-- very quickly, within a week. Continued use brought me a more even skintone, a visible reduction in sun damage and dark spots, and an overall younger, healthier complexion. I discovered Resvology and I will remain a customer no matter what. The results are worth every penny!"

Diane M.
Fiafini Divine Hydration Moisturizer

"This moisturizer (along with the other products in the line I'm sure) has transformed my skin. It really hydrated my skin and after a few short weeks my skin looked younger and felt silky smooth. I am really happy with the results and would love to be able to purchase this product when it hits the market. My skin is extremely sensitive and this product has helped my skin in ways tons of other products have not."

Jolina S.
Fusion Beauty

"I absolutely love these creams. My skin looks and feels great. I was concern I could have a breakout because I usually use lotions versus creams in the morning. I want to buy it when it comes out in stores or online! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Diana R.
Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel (DDG)

"The two step peel is a great product that is easy to use and shows results quickly. It has a nice scent and the applicators make it easy to use just the right amount of the product. It is a great addition to anyone's beauty routine that is looking to make their skin look younger, brighter and firmer. A great product that I am happy to say I will be using for a very very long time."

Shannon K.
Glowelle Beauty Drink

"The entire Glowelle experience exceeded all of my expectations! Glowelle improved not only my skin, but my whole attitude. It gave me more self-confidence, energy, and made me look forward to taking care of my skin! It was such a simple addition to my existing skin care routine, and also made me pay more attention to what I use on my face and how I take care of myself on a daily basis. I will continue to tell everyone I know about Glowelle and sing its praises!"

Diana R.
Jabot Instant Success Eye Cream

"It gave a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Skin around my eyes appeared significantly stronger, brighter and tighter than before using the eye cream."


Just a small sample of the products we've tested.

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel

92% of women saw firmer, more radiant skin after 4 weeks

Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream

88% of women reported skin is firmed and toned in just 10 days

Nestle's Glowelle Beauty Drink

97% of women reported brighter, more radiant skin

Resvology's Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment

92% of women agreed skin was softer, smoother, more hydrated and nourished after just one use

Fiafini Delicate Cleansing Emulsion

94% of women agreed that the cleanser was gentle and non-irritating

Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum

98% of women agree skin is noticeably rejuvenated and younger looking

Derm Exclusive

92% of women saw improved skin radiance after 30 days

Moor Ageless Eye Cream

3 out of 4 women agreed that appearance of under-eye circles were diminished after 2 weeks of use

Timeless Secret Skincare Regimen

In a double blind brand study, Timeless Secret® ranked higher than the #1 best-selling department store brand on all ten measured attributes, including improvement in skin tone, texture, balance, and brightness, as well as product fragrance, texture, and purchase intent


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